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Fort Collins Carpet - The Best Carpet For Heavy Traffic Areas

Fort Collins Carpet: The Best Heavy Traffic Carpet Options

Not all carpet is created the same. Most people don’t really consider functionality as the main factor in buying the product. More often than not, carpets are treated as a fashion piece—a way to accentuate a living space. To be sure, there’s nothing wrong with that. But for high traffic areas, you need something durable and extremely resistant to dust, stain and pet hair.

Below are some of the best carpet types that you can buy in Fort Collins, CO, if you intend to place them in high traffic areas.

The Short Pile

Regardless of the brand, carpets with short piles are best for high traffic areas. These are types that whose strands stand below two centimeters tall. Because of the shorter hair, the damage over time isn’t as pronounced which means the carpet can stay in that area for a longer period.

The Berber Carpet

If you are selecting Fort Collins carpets for high traffic areas, the Berber cut is a very good option. These are made of either olefin fiber, wool (the most expensive material) or nylon and they are weaved into loops, which is why they are extremely durable compared to your standard carpet fiber. If you have small children and pets, this one is ideal because can “hide” dust marks or footprints. It also resists stains up to a point. The only drawback is when the stain sticks, you may need some expensive professional cleaners to take the spot off.


This type of carpet can hide dirt and grime quite well because of the long fibers that are looped onto themselves. The thick material also makes a good insulator and also quite cheap. The only drawback is if you have pets, their thick fur can also hide under the twisted fibers as well. They are also quite tricky to clean.

Wool Carpets

This type of carpet is very easy to find anywhere you are in Fort Collins, CO. People who make a conscious effort to do something for the environment will be happy to know this product is made of natural fibers. It’s extremely resistant to fire as well as stains. Its cushion also has the tendency to bounce back immediately, which makes it the best option for high-traffic areas. The disadvantage is its price, which tends to be more expensive compared to other materials.

Textured Carpets

The best part of textured Fort Collins carpets is their versatility. Whether your interior design is modern, ranch style, minimalist, industrial, contemporary or transitional, this type of carpet can embellish any dead space. It’s stain resistant, which is good news if you have some kids around the house. It’s also quite easy to clean which is again great if you have kids running around your household.

These are just your guide, however. Remember that each type has its own pros and cons. If you are looking to buy a carpet, it’s better to talk to an expert in Fort Collins, CO, who can point you to the perfect material for your particular needs.

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