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Northern Colorado Flooring Consultation

Northern Colorado Flooring Consultation: What to Expect

Whether you’re replacing existing carpet or trying a new flooring option like hardwood or tile, it’s important to have a clear plan if you’ve been thinking about changing up your flooring. The clarity of your plan before you begin your flooring project will greatly determine your success.

One of the biggest benefits of working with the professionals of Carpet Direct of Northern Colorado is that we offer you a free, in-home flooring consultation that allows you to develop a clear plan that will lead to a more successful flooring project. Here’s what you can expect from yours!

You’ll Get Advice from Flooring Experts

If you have an idea for a flooring project for your home, Carpet Direct can provide a free consultation in BoulderGreeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, and Cheyenne. Our professional flooring experts will provide valuable advice that addresses the specific requirements of your vision.

A flooring consultant will come to your home to discuss different aspects of your flooring plan. He or she will bring samples of all the best flooring options for your home, and help you make the right choice by providing professional advice on the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

You’ll Compare Samples in Your Own Home

Samples may look good in a photo or glossy magazine, but an in-home flooring consultation allows you to see how it would look against the décor and ambience of your own home. Our products are from the most reputable brands in flooring. Upon request our consultant will come with products from quality brands such as:

  • Dixie Home
  • Mohawk
  • Mansland Carpet and Rugs
  • Beaulier America
  • Armstrong
  • Moda Floors and Interiors

During your flooring consultation, you’ll get to see first-hand how the different textures, patterns, and colors will fit into your existing scheme—no guesswork or frustrating trips to a showroom required.

We’ll Help You Get Your Measurements Right

The last thing you’d want is getting your flooring measurements wrong. This can lead to costly mistakes -like having a carpet that awkwardly fits into your living room – which will only leave you with regrets and the unexpected expenses you’ll need to correct those mistakes. Our professionals understand the importance of getting all measurements right. Therefore they will do the measurements several times to ascertain that the numbers are accurate. An accurate measurement from a Carpet Direct of Northern Colorado professional means that you’ll get an accurate quote. That way you pay for exactly what you need.

We also provide estimates for the full cost of your carpet or flooring, required materials, and the cost of professional installation from a provider anywhere you may be in Northern Colorado.

Get Your Order Placed Right the First Time

After you have gone through the various options with our flooring professionals, you’ve examined the samples, taken the measurements, and requested a quote, the flooring professional can now place your order and all you have to do is to confirm the final product. We will refer you to one of the professional installers we work with, who will set a date for installation that is convenient for you. You can also choose to use your own installer. After this your brand new flooring will be ready to for installation.

When you schedule your free flooring consultation from Carpet Direct of Northern Colorado, professional hands will handle everything, from the start to the completion of your flooring project.

To get your free consultation contact your local flooring consultant today!

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