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Fort Collins Flooring

Fort Collins Flooring: What the Big Box Retailers Aren’t Telling You

When you’re ready to purchase new flooring for your home, you may be considering where you’re going to buy the flooring items from. Should you go with the local carpet and flooring store or should you stop by one of the big box retailers?

There are many reasons out there to make you think that the big box is the way to go. However, when it comes right down to it, the small business owner in your community is a much better option. Whether you’re trying to add new flooring to a whole house or you’re just looking for one room at a time, a local Fort Collins flooring business is the way to go.

Here are some disadvantages to buying from the big box stores and what they aren’t telling you when you shop with them.

What You See Is What You Get

One disadvantage to buying from a big box store is that you’re mostly limited to what they have in stock. If you find a flooring item that they have limited stock on, you may not get all that you need. Sometimes they can do special orders but then you’re waiting for the rest of the floor materials and you may have to pay much more than your original price. You are also limited to what they can offer since some big stores only get selective patterns and have no room to order outside those parameters. The selection just won’t be as varied as you would hope.

No Personal Touch

When you work with a local Fort Collins flooring business, you’ll get a personal touch from start to finish. You know exactly who is helping you select the right carpet, who will be working in your home and guiding you throughout the entire process. With the larger stores, you may have one person who takes your order, other people who fulfill the order, and still more people who actually install the flooring in your home. You can start to feel like just another number in their schedule, whereas with the personal touch of a small business owner, you are more than just a number.

No Community Support

When you purchase from a small business owner in your city, you’re supporting a family in the Fort Collins community. With the large department type stores, you’re supporting big businesses who may not have ever set foot in the community.

Personalized Customer Service

You may be having trouble deciding on what type of flooring you want to obtain. Perhaps you’d like a personal consultation with a flooring expert that helps you decide what type of floor fits your family’s needs best. You won’t get that type of service in a big box store. You can, however, enjoy amazing personalized customer service when you choose a Fort Collins flooring business to work with. They will come out to your home and inspect the areas you want to re-floor. They can then make suggestions on the best flooring materials that you should choose from and even what patterns and styles would work well with your current décor.

Don’t lose the personal touch with your flooring purchase. Be sure to contact Carpet Direct of Northern Colorado for all your Fort Collins flooring needs.


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