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Fort Collins Carpet Selection

Fort Collins Carpet Selection: The Best & Worst Carpets for High Traffic Areas

As a homeowner in Fort Collins, you know that when it comes to selecting new carpet, one of the things you have to be wary of is choosing the right carpet for the high traffic areas in your home. Obviously the carpet that you’d select for your bedroom is not going to see the same wear and tear as the carpet in your living room, hallway or stairway. That being said, some types of carpet (and there are many) are better able to withstand the amount of foot traffic and activity in these areas than others. Find out which are the best carpets for high traffic areas and which are the ones you should avoid.

The Best Carpets for High Traffic Areas

Nylon: Tough and Durable

Nylon is considered to be one of the best options for high traffic areas. It is a material known for its toughness and durability and is the toughest of all synthetic fibers. It is also fairly inexpensive. However, the material is prone to stains, but it will work fine if you choose a carpet that has been treated.

Wool: Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing

Wool is much more expensive than nylon. However, it has many benefits and is one of the most ideal for high traffic areas like hallways. The fibers do not allow dirt to sink into the carpet, making it easy to maintain. Despite its price, wool can withstand a lot of pressure and can last for decades while still maintaining its aesthetic quality.

Frieze: Hides Footprints, Sound Proof

Frieze carpets are made of strands twisted tightly together. This not only gives it a unique design, but also gives it the robustness to withstand high traffic in certain areas of your home. Another reason you may want to consider frieze is its ability to mask sound. If soundproofing is an area of concern for you, frieze is one of the best choices you can make.

Worst Carpets for High Traffic Areas

Cut Pile Carpet: Untidy Appearance

This is considered to be one of the worst carpets for high traffic areas.  The carpet is a combination of long and short fibers, which are loosely twisted together. When you install this carpet in a place with a lot of foot traffic, the fibers will eventually make the carpet look as though it is already worn out.

Plush Carpets: Can’t Handle Footprints

Plush carpets are luxurious and are soft and comfortable to walk on. They are not suitable for high traffic areas mainly because they tend to leave footprints and vacuum marks. Spills need to be cleaned immediately to avoid staining it.

Multi Level Loop: Prone to Running and Snagging

The multi level loop is similar to textured carpet but with higher loop height to provide greater variation in terms of color and patterns. If there are children or pets in your home, this type of carpet is not recommended. If you pull the longer loops when cleaning, it could cause runs on parts of the carpet.

Choosing the right carpet for the high traffic areas in your Fort Collins home might seem overwhelming, and we get it—the fear of picking the wrong carpet is enough to worry anyone. But you’re not alone! When you work with Carpet Direct of Northern Colorado, you’ll receive a personal consultation from a carpet expert who can inspect your high traffic areas and present with you with a variety of options that are durable, stylish, and affordable.

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