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Fort Collins Flooring Costs

Extra Fort Collins Flooring Costs to Plan for in Your Budget

When planning for a new floor installation in Fort Collins, your estimated budget should not only cover the flooring materials and services, but should also include a number of other significant factors. Read on and learn about extra Fort Collins flooring costs to expect that you should be sure to plan for in your budget.

Hidden Fort Collins Flooring Costs in General

Apart from the flooring type or material you may choose, you should anticipate the following cost factors:

  • General contractors. If you plan on hiring a general contractor to supervise the project, add around 15% to 23% to the budget estimate.
  • Difficult installation areas. Expect that installing your flooring on relatively difficult areas – such as those around plumbing systems, electrical systems, HVAC systems, floor registers, or other existing framing – will cost extra.
  • Flooring sales tax. Know that flooring materials you purchase also come with sales tax.
  • Building codes. Some states may also require that you strictly follow building codes, as well as submit to inspection or permit requirements, especially if your flooring renovation involves safety concerns relating to plumbing or electricity systems.
  • Home testing. If you happen to live in a relatively older home, it would be safer for your entire family if you have the house checked for asbestos or lead toxicity before getting your new flooring installed. It is therefore advised that you invest on remediation or testing for hazardous substances.

More Hidden Flooring Costs by Specific Flooring Material

Aside from the more general cost factors to consider for your flooring installation project, below are more hidden costs broken down to the specific flooring material of your choice.


There are two main factors that affect the cost of laminate: the material’s thickness and the supplier you happen to work with. Thanks to some high-end manufacturing companies that are experts at producing imitations or cheaper versions of otherwise costly materials, you can have the laminate material you want even on a tight budget.


When working with tile, expect that installation service fees are almost always higher than the material cost.


Vinyl flooring requires very little to install. It’s only potential hidden cost is the necessity for an underlayment of plywood if the surface to which it will be applied is rough.


Be prepared for the labor costs involved with installing hardwood floors. Generally, hardwood flooring is more labor intensive: preparing the surface, removing/discarding the old material, the installation itself, and clean-up are all going to be more expensive that other types of flooring.


More than just the carpet itself, you have to be prepared to spend on tack strips to keep it in place and carpet padding if you want added comfort. Carpet installation is also not that simple, as it requires a carpet stretcher to remove any feeling of slackness. For areas needing more carpets, individual pieces must be merged using a hidden seam.

Don’t let any hidden flooring costs get you! During your consultation, ask your Fort Collins flooring rep about all the potential extra costs that you might incur during your project. But don’t worry—when you work with Carpet Direct of Northern Colorado, you can expect nothing less than complete transparency and the best flooring quote possible.

Contact us today to schedule your next flooring project!

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