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Caring For New Carpet: The Ultimate Guide

How to Care for New Carpet: The Ultimate Guide

It’s been a long process – choosing the perfect carpet for your home. Now, the time has finally come: your new carpet is in. Hooray! And now that it’s installed and looking as amazing as you dreamed it would, you want this to last as long as possible. You might be tempted to not let anyone walk on it, fearing that someone might drop something, causing an unsightly stain, or that it might be marred in some way. However, not enjoying your new carpet kind of defeats the purpose!

Fortunately, we have plenty of ways for you to care for your new carpet so you can give it a long and happy life. Here’s our ultimate guide to keeping your new carpet looking fantastic for as long as humanly possible.

Deal with Spills Immediately

As hard as you try to avoid spills on your carpet, they are bound to happen sooner or later, especially if you have children and/or pets. However, how you deal with them makes all the difference in maintaining the life of your carpet. If something spills, deal with it immediately. Scrape up as much solid material as possible (if it is something solid that falls). Depending upon the type of stain, your exact course of action will vary, but some steps are fairly similar. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to NEVER rub or scrub the spill. This will only work the stain into the carpet fibers. Always, always blot.

Your Vacuum is Your Friend

Dirt and dust happen. But when they are continually trod upon on your carpet, these particles are ground into the fibers, dulling the carpet and potentially damaging it. With a carpet, your vacuum is your best friend. If you haven’t used it much before, now is the time to get to know it. Regular vacuuming eliminates the dirt particles trapped within the fibers, helping the carpet to keep its fresh appearance. While vacuuming may not be the most fun chore, don’t rush through it, paying close attention to higher traffic areas. The extra care in carpet maintenance will certainly pay off.

Pad Your Furniture

Over time, furniture in any room where there is carpeting can damage fibers, leaving permanent marks. This means that if you want to rearrange your furniture, you’ll have to either reconsider Feng Shui or come up with some pretty clever ways to disguise the dents. Thankfully, this issue can be avoided. Spiked caster caps or furniture foot pads are a couple of ways to protect carpet. Or, you may want to consider area rugs. Layering rugs on carpet is a huge trend right now, so now’s the time to take advantage of it while managing to protect your new carpet!

Use Area Rugs or Runners

Area rugs are a great option for protecting your carpet from heavy furniture while, at the same time, adding extra cushion and a little personality. Runners in high traffic areas, such as the hallway, are also great for protecting your carpet from all the feet that trod across it on a daily basis.

Get a Professional Cleaning Every Six Months

There are many people who wait until they see the effects of dirt, stains and dullness before calling in a professional carpet cleaning service. However, if your carpet has reached this point, the damage is already done, and even a professional cleaning may not be effective. In most instances, a professional cleaning and stain protection is often recommended every six months to a year, regardless if your carpet looks dirty or not. Regular cleanings will help to keep your new carpet from getting dingy, and stain protection will not only make stains easier to clean up, it will also prevent against fraying. This will all help to prolong the life of your carpet.

You’ve taken the time to pick out the perfect new carpet for your home—you deserve to enjoy it for years to come. With the proper care and diligence, you’ll be able to do just that!

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